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Our objective with High Intent is for you to take away something that you can concretely apply to your business within 5 minutes of reading.

Facts > Opinions.

Framework > Stories.

If you’re going to jump 🐇 on the PLG hype train

Don’t do it blindly. You need to know what to do…

A VP of Sales at an 8-figure SaaS recently said he hates PLG for one reason:

😑 Too much hype, not enough repeatable processes.

"I get it, PLG is great and it's the future of SaaS gtm and all, but how the heck do I convince other execs, plan for a transition, implement it, track it, etc..."

High Intent breaks down frameworks and practical guides so you can actually implement PLG and grow faster.

End goal 🎯

Share knowledge about PLG so it goes from hype to results for you. 🚀

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